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By accessing this website you automatically accept the following terms and conditions.

The layout, content, concept and all other aspects of this website are the exclusive property of University of Genoa- DISTAV, with registered offices in Genoa, C. Europa 26, fiscal code and VAT number 00754150100.

The technical data are owned scientific institutions at different levels indicated in the working group

Using the site and accessing/processing the data, information and news it contains, including for educational purposes, are subject to current legislation and the provisions contained herein.

The layout, graphics, content and use of the University of Genoa-DISTAV website are subject to applicable copyright and intellectual property law and, in particular, by way of mere example and without limitation, to Italian law no. 633, 22 April 1941, on the "Protection of copyright and other rights connected to its enforcement" and subsequent amendments, as well as the Privacy Consolidation Act and subsequent amendments, containing provisions on the processing of personal data and the minimum security measures which must be implemented.

Copying, reproducing, transforming, adapting, modifying, translating or otherwise extracting the configuration or content of the University of Genoa-DISTAV website, entirely or in part, both permanently and even temporarily, for any purpose, are prohibited unless with the prior written authorisation of University of Genoa-DISTAV and in conformity with the purposes and instructions issued by same. Illegal or unauthorised use will be punished and the offending users will be liable for the consequences on University of Genoa-DISTAV and third parties.

Despite the care devoted to the creation, updating and addition of content and information featured in the University of Genoa-DISTAV website, this material is provided exclusively for promotional and information purposes. As a result, said content and information may contain printing errors, mistakes or inconsistencies. University of Genoa-DISTAV provide no explicit or implicit guarantee in this regard, even so far as concerns taking action in reliance on it or the expectations it may create. Specifically, by way of mere example and without limitation, no assurance or guarantee is provided regarding the comprehensiveness of the information, nor its reflection of the current corporate organisation and structure or of the type, characteristics, saleability or suitability for the stated purpose of the products, services and activities of University of Genoa-DISTAV, which is available to provide all the information interested parties may require.

University of Genoa-DISTAV reserve the right to modify the information contained in its website without notice, as well as to change and modify the products, services and activities described, without this giving rise to any third party rights.

Accessing and using the University of Genoa-DISTAV site, and the downloading and installation of programs and files in general, presupposes that the user has verified that this does not cause, even indirectly, malfunctions in the IT infrastructure used due to the presence of viruses or other causes not attributable to University of Genoa-DISTAV, which refuses all liability for any damage eventually deriving from same to users, including damage to computer systems, loss of data, programs or other undesirable consequences, including loss of earnings, billings or the undue distribution of unauthorised data and information, even in the case in which University of Genoa-DISTAV is aware of the potential possibility that said damages may occur.